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Introductions can be difficult for an introvert. But you're probably wondering who I am (so am I!) so a few words are in order.

I write novels for young adults. You could also say I write novels for teenagers. But whatever my audience is called, I welcome all kinds of readers, young adults and old kids alike.

Most especially, I welcome you!

My books have been called dark, edgy, full of risk. There's some of that. But there's humor, too. To go into darkness without carrying a light of some kind is just too difficult for me.

Writing is the deepest expression of my heart. That's why I put words on the page. But sometimes when I'm looking for the right words my thinker gets stuck. Failure, one of art's truest companions, is a difficult friend. Still, I try.

Some of my efforts can be found on the BOOKS page. Go to BIOdegradable and learn a little bit about my background. Under LINKS you'll find some other writers worth your while, plus an organization or two you might find useful. And if you feel the urge to talk, CONTACT will take care of that. (Or you can just hold your breath till the urge passes!)

Please avoid the IAQs page. It's rude. I'm not sure how it got in.

That's about it. I'm glad you dropped by!

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